Sunday, December 4, 2011

Forbidden Review

I'm going to try out a new grading scale and 'Forbidden' is my "lab rat". I hope this works. If you guys could comment and tell me if it's confusing and what I can do to make it less confusing, that would help loads! Gracias!
Okay, I've split the grading into 6 different categories, Romance, Characters, Storyline, Action, Swearing, and Cleanliness (which is split into two smaller categories, Drinking/Drugs and Sexual Content.) Every category gets a total of 100 possible points (Drinking/Drugs and Sexual Content have 50 possible points) The first four categories are graded on how good I think they are throughout the book. The last two are graded on how little there is. So, if there is a lot of swearing in the book, it will get a lower score than a book with little/no swearing. I then add up all of the categories scores and divide it by 600. (Ex: category scores sum=520. 520/600= 0.866  move decimal two places to the right and round= 87.)
A+) 100-90
A) 89-80
A-) 79-70
B+) 69-60
B) 59-50
B-) 49-40
C+) 39-30
C) 29-20
C-) 19-10
F) 10-0
So the book would get an overall 'A'. Make sense?

Okay, so Forbidden's scores are:
Romance- A 89
Characters- A- 79
Storyline- A 87
Action- A+ 100
Swearing- A- 78
Cleanliness- A+ 100
Drinking/Drugs- A+ 100
Sexual Content- A+ 100

Overall score: A

Levi's job is to protect his human until it's their time to go. That's what a Guard does. He's done it for years on end, and he'll spend his eternity doing the same, mundane thing, following the same, mundane rules.

...Watch from afar.
...Never share your name.
...And above all, never touch a human.

What Levi doesn't know is that his newest human to protect, Hannah, just might be the catalyst to tipping the scales between good and evil, and he will be forced to decide which side he belongs to. Which friends will he side with, and who will he ultimately protect: his human, or the delicate balance that hangs on stopping the heartbeat of the person he has sworn to protect?

And, when you're already condemned, what's there to lose by breaking the rules?

THE GUARDIAN CHRONICLES: FORBIDDEN will take you into a world of Guards and Guardians, Light and Darkness. What side will you take? (Review from Goodreads)

The first book I read by Megan Curd was Bridger and I loved it from the beginning. So when I was offered the opportunity to read and review Forbidden, I jumped at it right away. I was given the same results as Bridger, I loved it from beginning to end. It was action-packed, had a wonderful romance, and was a good, clean book. Forbidden definitely deserves the 'A'. (Check out my review of Bridger here)
You should all know me by now, and therefore should know that I always talk about romance first. This was a classic forbidden romance. (That was not intended.) Their relationship definitely wasn't perfect, Hannah had some trust issues with Levi when she learned a little about his past, but it was quickly resolved. This was a great, classic romance that you just can't help to love.
I do have to thank Megan for writing a clean book. If you noticed, the book scored all 'A's' in Swearing and Cleanliness, which I've discovered is really hard to do. It's just realy hard to find clean books that are interesting these days and those authors that write them should be recognized and thanked (over and over and over again.)
I don't have much else I can say to convince you of how amazing this book is besides, read it yourself to see just how awesome it is.


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and glad you appreciated it being clean! It's tough sometimes to find people who don't want language and questionable issues in books. Glad you enjoyed it! :)

  2. I think the review breakdown will be handy for people looking for or avoiding certain things. I think most people will look at the overall grade and be pleased.

  3. Thank you for the input! You have no idea how much that helps!