Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Signed Eragon paperback Giveaway

I apologize for the lack of posts. I've been out of town visiting family, sick (which I currently am), busy with school, and busy with winter guard (we twirl/toss the flags, rifles, and sabers out on the football field, generally with the marching band.) So to make it up to you guys, I'm going to do another giveaway, a giveaway for a book I'm sure you've all heard of. Eragon signed by the wonderful Christopher Paolini.
Since this is a more known book, I'm going to make the entries a little more exciting. So, in order to enter into this giveaway, you must post a comment either describing what your dragon would look like or you can post a comment with a link to a drawing of your dragon. If you absolutely can not post a comment with a link or a description, then you can email your entry to gigglzha@gmail.com but you must have "signed Eragon giveaway entry" in the subject line, or I will not open the email.
When posting your comment, please add in something so I can identify you if you win. You do not have to post your name, just something to identify you.

  • The work must be your own.
  • The dragon can not be a dragon already from the series, you must create a new dragon.
  • Your entry needs to be PG-13 rated, I don't want total gore or any porn (or anything of that nature.)
  • Only one entry per person.
The contest will end Friday, February 24th at 8:00 pm MST!
I will post the winner on Sunday, February 26th.

Sorry guys, I forgot to add that this is US only! Sorry for any inconvience.

There are no other requirements in order to enter the contest. Thank you for entering and feel free to ask any questions.


  1. My Dragon will be an adult female but her body is smaller than regular adult dragons. She has silvery white scales with brilliantly deep green eyes, eight cheek spikes, short but straight horns, and a right fang that is longer than her left fang.


  2. Great giveaway! My dragon would be female, with a combo of fur and feathers instead of scales in shades of purple and dark green. She would breathe blue fire and would also be able to blow fire bubbles to amuse me. She would have purple eyes and a beautiful smile because she would be a happy dragon!

    Suz at susanw28 (at) mindspring (dot) com

  3. Jajaja What a great idea!! I'm going to see if I can't draw up a dragon. I just finished a book with a wyvern/library, so my imagination is already on it!! Too fun. I'm a new GFC - Colorimetry

    1. Wouldn't you know... I haven't actually DRAWN anything, but I know my dragon would be HUGE and male - his body would be as bog as my Suburban and the rest of him would be long and snaky. All black, glistening, reflective black and he could color change to blend in with his surroundings when he needed to, like a chameleon. Only the smoke rising from his large nostrils would still be visible. It's taken a lot of time, but I can ride him when he flies and he can wink from one place to another in an instant. We are best friends, deeply heart-connected forever, but we get into arguments frequently and he is not any sort of gentle giant... he is not a TAME dragon at all. He is very opiniated, very goal orientated and very pushy for someone who's not human. If I wasn't such a bugger of an opinionated pushy person myself, he could be called controlling, but I am what I am and I love the way he is, too. He scares the crap out of anyone who sees him - and he likes that. I kinda do too.

  4. Wish I had a scanner so I could upload my most recent dragon drawing. Ah, well my dragon would be a female with dominantly gold scales, with a mix of red, orange, and yellow tinting. Her horns would be long and curve back, and spines would cover her back, ending with a set of longer spikes on the tail. Her eyes would be a fiery gold and she'd have wings ready for flight.

    Thanks for the giveaway!


  5. Her scales start out deep dark blue at the base then lighten until they are white at the tip. Her eyes are the deepest emerald green you've ever seen. Her face is delicate yet strong. At first sight you believe she is young and innocent but upon closer inspection you realize that she has aged very well and her years of experience show through. Innocent is something she is not. Devious is more likely a word used to describe her. She is small, compact and built for speed and power.


  6. I'm oddly not much of a girly-girl but my dragon has scales that glimmer and shine like pink sapphires. Her eyes are a chilling ice-blue, her under belly fades to white and her inner wings are a deep dark purple.

    Her body is long and learn and her tail, teeth, and talons are sharp and fierce. She has an almost serene and regal look about her, yet she breathes smoke and fire and has a righteous warrior's soul.

    nichole {a t} nicholeann.com

  7. My dragon would be white, have gold eyes, have halos of fire surrounding both wings on its back, and have two fangs with the left fang missing


  8. Hmmm....this is an interesting idea! My male dragon, Aris, would have light orange scales with pale blue eyes, dark orange feathers on his ankles, wrists, and at the end of his short tail. His belly would be a pale white with a few brown spots that spreads to the inside of his white and dark orange wings. He has dark brown claws and talons. He spends most of his days being lazy of gliding around the mountains for a light snack or too.


  9. My dragon would be turquoise, blue and silver scaled with sharp, gold talons. The spikes down his back would be iridescent; able to shift and mirror his surroundings. I like the idea that he would have wings, but I'm not sure if they would be useful or just a product of his genetic history.

  10. Thank you so much guys for entering!