Saturday, September 10, 2011

Which is More Sad?

Okay, my brother insists that his story is sadder than mine.

The first one: A war begins a guy is forced to go to war 2 days after he leaves his wife is kidnapped by zombies. After 5 yrs of searching he finds her, she's infected, crazy, and doesn't remember anything including who he is. He is forced to kill her with a pistol before she kills everyone else. They had to kill everyone else that was in zombies' prison because they were infected too.

The next one: A guy is madly in love with a girl and she gets killed. He swears to get revenge on the guy who killed her. Years later he starts to fall in love with another girl but he doesn't want to cause he's afraid that he'll be hurt again. He falls in love with the girl and she gets stabbed and is dying. The thing is, she could've stopped it from happening, but she didn't, and she doesn't want to be healed. He takes her to the place she wants to go and she tells him to leave her there alone. Then she does something that's below the belt to him which I can't say cause it gives something away and forces him to leave.

Now, which one is sadder?
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  1. Neither of these is sad. One is twisted and evil and the other is hilarious.

  2. Thanks Joshua, just to let you know, I cried when my story happened. and not just a few tears, but constant stream of tears