Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sultry Saturday 9/3/11

It's Saturday again, so lets continue on with our Sultry Staurdays!
Every Saturday you can come here and post a comment telling us your current fictional character crush and why you are crushing on them. Don't forget to tell us the book they are from. So lets start Sultry Saturday!

I just finished The Iron Queen by Julie Kagawa and while it had an ending that made me cry (I cried my eyes out at least 3 times while reading the end, and maybe that has to do with it being 1AM, but I still cried) it has a total "swoon-worthy" guy.
So this week, my fictional crush is non other than the heart-wrenchingly handsome ice-prince, Ash Tallyn. Don't be fooled by his icy exterior. If you can get through that layer you find that he is loyal, honest (he has to be, hehe), and he'll send your heart on an emotional roller coaster. One chapter he'll have your heart in melted puddle of goo and every mention of his name makes you catch your breath and the next he'll have your heart almost as cold as his (almost). But you just can't refrain yourself from falling head over heels for him (I blame that weakness we humans have for fey).

Your turn, who is that sexy character that has your heart this week? Leave a comment and share it with others so they can join in on the fun too!

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